Tuesday, August 02, 2011


During our time in India, we were very fortunate to visit three different small villages.  Our first village visit was to the Mir Village which was inhabited by Rabari herders and their families, located in Little Runn of Kutch, in Gujarat. Because our guide knew that we were especially interested in textiles and crafts, he wanted us to visit the Mir women who made beaded bracelets.  To get to the village from our accommodation in Runn Riders, we went by camel cart.
 Our driver and his camel.
 Our seating arrangement for the trip!
It was slow going but a delightful way to travel.  You could smell the fields, wood burning, food cooking, and it was good fun to wave to everyone we passed. It's not everyday the village people saw ten western women riding camel carts. We attracted a lot of attention.
The village was teaming with activity and they were prepared and excited about our visit.
As the women presented their wares for sale, it seems the men were doing the child minding.
If ever you feel you don't have enough material possessions or you are not rich enough, you just need to visit one of these villages. Trust me...you are rich beyond your wildest imagination. This village had no running water, bathing facilities, or toilet facilities that we could see.
 This young Rabari woman had a large selection of bracelets to sell.
 Note the bracelets she is wearing on her arms and how colorful her clothing is.
 My friend Janine shopping...decisions, decisions.  Pressure was high to purchase from all the women.  Sadly we could not.  How many bracelets can one buy, even thinking of all your friends and family?!!?!?
When we were planning our trip and knew that we would be visiting some small villages, Janine and I decided to take crayons, pencils, markers, and coloring books for the children. Things that we thought they would not be able to find in the village or maybe afford.  The children were so excited!  Janine is passing out crayons with help from our guide Nirav to keep the kids in control. 
This mother was pleased to take some crayons for her children. Again, note the lovely bracelets she is wearing.
Some children of the village.  The girls are already wearing bracelets like their mothers.
This father proudly showed off his two daughters.
Later in the evening the women from Mir Village came to dance for the guests at our accommodation, Runn Riders. They were lovely in their brightly colored clothes.  Each girl wore anklets of bells which made a lovely sound when they danced.

The girls resting between dances.
Our visit with the Rabari women was one of the highlights of my trip and I wanted to portray their colorful clothing and dancing in my last circle block.
The figures of the dancers were depicted in the traditional Warli style of art from western India.
All applique is fusible applique. All dresses were done in silk and Buttonhole Stitched. The head coverings were bits of print fabrics from India and Feather Stitched. Iron on crystals in a complementary color were attached to each head scarf. Arms and legs were Stem Stitched using 2 strands of a 6 strand embroidery floss. Eyes were added using a fine, permanent, black ink pen.
The block was hand quilted using several different colors of metallic thread. The binding consists of various colors of the silk used for the dresses. I Stem Stitched along the edge of the binding with red DMC Size 8 thread, adding the little brass bells, like the girls wore on their anklets, at each spot that the quilting met with the binding. Now my block even sounds like the dancers!

This completes my four circle blocks. They were so much fun to do. Next month will begin with the first of my four blocks with script. I can't believe how quickly the year is passing by.

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These block entries are really neat. It's fun to see all the pictures and hear the stories and then see how those directly influenced your designs.