Tuesday, August 16, 2011

INCREDIBLE INDIA August Journal Block

The women of India are beautiful no matter their age. Their dress is so colorful and striking.
They seem to glide gracefully no matter what they are doing.  In many ways they remind me of the national bird of India.

The peacock! This stunner was sitting on top of a temple as we traveled to a small village by camel cart. Beautiful and so graceful.  Peacocks are everywhere in India. In many embroidered pieces of work...
in places of pride in the palaces...
and adorning the tile work.
The feathers are sold regularly bundled together and are used as brooms to sweeps the floors of the temples.
In Gujarat we stayed at a small resort called Runn Riders. Small individual thatched huts were our accommodation.  Each hut had a beautiful embroidered cloth at the doorway.
Our sleeping arrangements were simple cots.
Showers and toilet facilities were outside where you could enjoy nature all around you.
Or if you preferred you could use the indoor toilet and there were arrangements whether you preferred to stand (Asian style) or sit (Western style).
Some of the huts had lovely wall designs such as these.
Our hut walls were decorated with typical drawings of the Gujarat area.
This delightful peacock was the inspiration for my second text block. I liked him so much I even sketched him into my journal.

I took some liberties and enhanced my peacock with florescent paint and iron on crystals.
The peacock was Stem Stitched using 2-strands of a 6-strand embroidery floss on cotton fabric which I hand dyed using Turmeric Powder. The green dye around the edge of the block was Distress Ink sprayed on top of the drawn greenery. The script was stamped using Bombay Inks and wooden block stamps.
The block was finely hand quilted, very densely, in the same manner as a Kantha which is a quilt work and embroidery piece typically from West Bengal and Bangladesh. The block was bound in a blue hand dyed fabric.
I like these iron on sequins so much I think I may have to add a few more around the tail.  They are slightly addicting!


Notjustnat said...

Cynthia this is a beautiful post. I love all the images of peacocks I forgot that they Indian national symbol. Peacock is Myra's favorite bird so imagine when we were travel together she was in peacock heaven! In Jaipur our driver took us to a peacock restaurant just for Myra. She is coming on the tour to Japan with me woo hoo! Thanks for a lovely post. I reminds what a great time we had in India - Love Natimma

aracne said...

I love this post and the colourful photos. I have been to India many times, but I wish to go back very soon and visit Kutch...may be with Nat! I am coming to Japan too and I am looking forward to meeting you in person. Blandina