Friday, April 03, 2009

More of my Studio

As you can see I like lots of lights! Quilters ask if I use a design wall. Actually, I don't. In all my years of quilting, I have never had space for one. In my old studio I did not have wall space for one, but I had a white Berber carpet floor where I would lay out the quilt as I worked on it. This studio also has a white floor so as I sew I can just swivel around and lay the pieces where I want them and adjust them accordingly. It's all what you get used to doing. Or need to do out of necessity!

Of course I have a large stash! More fabric than I can ever sew in this life time. Each shelf holds two rows of fabrics. Like you, I dream of one day owning the perfect studio with built in cupboards and a perfect place for everything. Gosh, when we lived on our boat, I only had two lockers located under our bed mattress. I had to remove the queen size mattress to get to the lockers, remove the locker tops, and crawl down into the lockers to get to my fabric. Boy was it dark in there! My husband said I was not allowed to complain as two of the largest lockers on the boat were dedicated to my quilting supplies. This is a major improvement. I am already half way to perfection!

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