Thursday, March 24, 2011

Felted Tea Cosy

I spend lots of time in my office and studio and I always have a cup of green tea on the go. But like you, I get busy working and forget it and it goes cold more times than it is still hot when I get around to drinking it.  I decided I needed a tea cosy to keep it warm.  This past weekend I found some time to make one.

I used off white wool with fine streaks of lime green and I also ran some pale lime green pieces of yarn through the piece. This first photo is before I decided to embellish it.

You can tell I have lived in the Middle East too long. If an item doesn't have a little glitz and shine on it, it just doesn't make the grade. I have embellished it with iron on sequins, some shiny bobbles, and emphasized the stands of yarn with running stitches. A handmade felted ball is on the top.
Now my tea is hot or at least pleasantly warm when I get to it!

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