Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Happy New Year From Stanley Too

From my studio, Stanley also wanted to wish you a very Happy New Year as well.  He likes to be in included in all activities!  He doesn't miss much.

He has just recently had a hair cut and I have been saving his fur for the last few months to use in a felted piece.  I have in mind a silk shawl with his hair felted in with the wool along the edge.  It is so many lovely colors and so shiny.  Watch this space!  We will be sure to show you the results. We have a few more hair cuts to go, before I think we will have enough. 


Anonymous said...

Stan-the-Man rocks!

I think Brett's grandma had an entire shawl made out of her dog's white hair. It was a borzoi though, so there was a bit more source material to work with.

It's strange how wearing dog hair seems a little weird at first. Yet wearing the hair of sheep or even the flayed skin of cows is somehow perfectly normal for most of us. Now that's disturbing.

Good luck with your project! :)


Alicia said...

Your little Stanley is a doll! My hubby is MY Stanley and he's a doll too! Can't wait to see the shawl with dog fur woven in.