Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Learning New Skills

How exciting when quilters gather to learn a new skill - felting! My good friends Janine Ibbini, Karin Jackson and I decided to let our creativity out of the box for a great day of fun and inspiration with Caroline Lindsay (far right). I found it a nice change to be a student for the day, rather than the teacher!

Caroline is a fabulous textile artist from England who taught us all the ins and outs of creating felt with little water and embellishments. I think the best part was the fulling (beating your design on the table to mesh all the fibers and embellishments together). Definitely good for building up your upper arms and releasing all your tensions. She shared many of her tips and techniques with us.

I thought it was wonderful all the lace, beads, fabrics and other textiles that could be incorporated into the design. It's all so tactile!

After a morning of fun and play, we three girls went home with 3 pieces of felting and filled with inspiration to do more. Now it's time for us to embellish the felt pieces with stitching and other embellishments and if we like, frame them.

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