Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Have Passport, Will Travel

In January, I reached "Platinum Elite" in my Frequent Flyer Program which just goes to prove that I have spent way too much time in the air this year and not enough time posting to my blog. Some travel for business, some for sad occasion like funerals, and some for pure pleasure. I can't say it's been a dull year. Our most recent trip was a months vacation to Hawaii, New Zealand, and Fiji. All are so beautiful!!! In New Zealand, we rented a camper van which is definitely the way to get to all those great hiking locations. The weather was fantastic! We hiked every day but one. Thank goodness it rained one day so we could catch up on laundry and do some reading (which is my absolute second favorite hobby after quilting!).
Our hikes in New Zealand took us along the shore, through the forests, and up and down lots of hills and small mountains. No matter which direction you looked the view was breathtaking! And what a fun way to spend time with family. My son Zachary and his girlfriend Stacy joined us for the trip.
One thing to remember when you are a group in a camper van with luggage - don't everyone all get up at once in the morning!

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