Saturday, August 01, 2009

From Heart to Hand

I think our hands are our most expressive feature. When I meet elderly people, I love to look at their hands and think of all the work they have done, the things they have created, the places they have travelled, the lives they have touched, the things they have held and loved and the things they have held and lost. Some are beautiful and smooth, others work worn and rough. Oh the stories they could tell....

My Mom, sisters and I recently spent the day together, along with my sister's daughter Hannah. Even though we are all related, we were saying how different our hands looked and how you could tell our ages by our hands. We decided it would be really neat to have a photo of our hands...3 generations. It became our day's project. After breakfast and coffee we took our photo and all trooped to the photo booth to develop our photo, with copies for each of us. From there to the frame shop to find each of us a frame that suited our tastes and decor and then home to polish our frames and mount our pictures. It was such a fun day, filled with much laughter and lots of ribbing that only sisters and mothers can share. It is a photo we will all cherish.

Clockwise from top right:

Rogene Franklin Freed: 83, wife, mother of 6 children, gardener, and home builder
Cynthia Freed Tomaszewski: 55, wife, mother of 1 son, quilter, sailor, and world traveller
Beth Ann Freed Thomas: 50, wife, fashion coordinator, office manager, and gardener
Amy Freed Cooper: 49, wife, mother of 3 children, legal secretary, baker, and voracious reader
Hannah Cooper: 17, student, baseball player, volleyball player, and a lover of all sports.

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