Sunday, May 03, 2009

Creative Inspiration...It's everywhere!

I am frequently asked where I get my creative inspiration. Gosh, it is everywhere! It's in the great colors of the garbage man's headscarf, the shape of a plant leaf, an artist's painting, a vivid sunset, designs in the tile floor, shapes that I doodle. Travel is one of the biggest inspirations of all. The colors, smells, costumes, artistic designs of a culture open your eyes to creating simple designs in a new way. It gets you out of your normal routine and frees your mind from all the daily obligations that crowd out your creativity and opens your mind and spirit to new ideas and thoughts.

I believe that all art is an imitation of life and that art inspires new art and creative ways to look at the world. Each week I try to do something that stirs my creative mind such as visit an art gallery, an exhibition, shop in the souk, tour a new location, visit the sewing supply stores to check out the new embellishments. Even a simple button can send you on the path of creative inspiration.

For example, each year I visit the International Jewellry show with friends. Jewellers from Hong Kong, Thailand, Singapore, India, and Italy showcase their latest designs. Diamonds, rubies, saphires, emeralds, pearls dazzle the eye. The shapes of the designs are always intriguing. The depth and color of the stones amazing! There is always inspiration just waiting to be discovered. Thousands of women congregate to see the designs. For women of the Middle East, India, and Asia jewellery is an important part of wedding ceremonies. It is representative of the wealth and status of the family and plays a large part in the customs and traditions of their culture. It is passed from generation to generation, from grandmother, to mother, to daughter.

Is it all real? you ask. Trust me, it is! And the price tags reflect their beauty.

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